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Indulge yourself in the true essence of fashion, as we make every moment worth your while.

Welcome to SexyChic Boutique, a fashion outlet that will enable you to uniquely express yourself through the artwork of others. From a little girl who loved fashion to a lady grown and groomed around it, you can expect to feel confident that you are in safe hands and whatever you find is created through the passion for fashion.

Why SexyChic Boutique
As is the question for everything, why this, why that, why even read this in the first place. Well, I’ll make you guys a promise. I promise that this blog wont be about bragging to the point of delusion. It will reflect the beauty of clothing and accessories and how we can help you in choosing what looks best on you which will allow you to express yourself like never before. Even though we are passionate about fashion, it  will not be our only focally point, we are also passion about life and living a healthy and fabulous lifestyle. To enhance your experience here at SexyChic Boutique, we will also include beauty health and anything else we feel will enriched your lifestyle. 

My Story
I’ve always loved fashion, ever since I was a little girl. My mom was a seamstress, so I grew up around fashion. My childhood dream was to be a fashion designer. I loved the creative process, and even though my creations were mere stick figures. I can remember fighting over fabric scraps to create my own design for my dolls. Over the years, I have tried different avenues to developed my craft. To date, I have owned a business designing personalize and decorative pillows for special occasions. While very profitable it's not where my passion lies. This boutique is my way of displaying my passion for fashion by providing sexy boutique clothing that will make you feel sexy and confident without revealing too much. A vision of class and elegance to represent the style and fashion that lies within.

What we offer
As the name suggests, we cater to the grown and sexy, fashion lovers and all of individuals out there who want to look sexy and need a affordable online clothing boutique. Our main offering includes sexy bandage dresses, trendy jumpsuits and  accessories with a splash of lifestyles interests.

We understand that clothing not only accounts for a fiber or textile worn on the body but communicates elegance, beauty and poise. Our online clothing boutique items are exclusive and limited, therefore, we rarely restock items. There are currently only four categories you can choose from in the clothing section. 


Bandage dresses
A selection of the hottest bandage dresses that will make heads turn. As our collection grows, we will offer more Super-hot new bandage dress styles for your next night out with the girls. So if you want to look sexy tonight, take a look at these sexy bandage dresses.

Shop Our Bandage Dress Collection

Classy and stylish dresses offered both in simple and sexy that will help you discover your style. Our collection is ever-growing as we bring in sexy, flattering and beautiful dresses to our customers. Depending on your style, our sizes reach from small to large.

Shop Our Dress Collection

Jumpsuits and Rompers
Jumpsuits look fab for a night out. Make a statement at a party wearing styles that will make you look super chic. We have belted jumpsuits that can go from day to night. Our collection is growing as we look to offer more options for you to look smart and sexy.

Shop Our Jumpsuit Collection

We want you to make a lasting impression. Therefore, we also offer accessories that will compliment your clothing and give you that complete look. Our accessories include handbags, jewelry, scarves and sunglasses.



Shop Our Accessories


Our lifestyle section will consist of skincare care, health and a splash of home decor. We believe every women should be well rounded. You will not only look and feel good on the outside, but also on the inside.   

As you may have realized by now, we want you to look and feel your best at all times. Our desire for fashion is exceptionally bigger than our desire for profit. We believe in family and giving back. So In memory of our beloved love ones and to all the families out there who ha\ve lost a love one to cancer. SexyChic Boutique, will donate 10% of product sales on certain items to CanerCare.Org. (for more details see our About Us Page)

Shop, and leave feeling "SexyChic Fabulous"


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