4 Top Fashion Tips for the Season

Posted on 11 April 2016

If you love fashion and want to look fabulous this season, you must follow the latest trends, enhance your looks and encourage yourself to innovate and create an original and attractive wardrobe. Following are some tips and trends what you need to incorporate to be a fashionable woman.

Trends for Spring-Summer:
Here we mention some of the major trends for this season, so start making your list of favorites which you can adopt to your body type and personal style. Strong colors and neon lights: this trend will see different types of garments, especially for day dresses and accessories.

Garments gloss: shiny fabrics are very "IN". You have to be careful because brightness usually increases the area where you put it. Glossy colors are perfect to accentuate the bust if you have little, or if you have small hips, etc.

The bold prints: you will see combinations of contrasting colors and geometric shapes, blouses, skirts, and dresses. Avoid this type of print if you are short or plump. 

Patterns with flowers: the romanticism of such patterns will be reflected in all kinds of garments and accessories, from prints in pastel shades to more intense colors.

Shirtdress: Recommended to go to the office, besides being very comfortable, very chic and can be used in both day and night, depending on the type of accessories to go with him.

Basic Apparel:
Having basic items in your closet means functionality. You must identify these parts so you can create or combine a unique look. The value of using them and taking them into your closet is that they never go out of fashion and are completely versatile outfits for any occasion.

It is important to have in mind that the clothes must be monochromatic and of neutral color, so you can combine them with other garments or colors. Following are some basic items that will bring great benefits to your wardrobe:

White Blouse: you can use it for any occasion. You can carry on a casual or formal look by combining it with jeans, jackets and casual accessories you can also use it with skirts or formal trousers.

Black Dresses:  A black sexy dress always bails you out for any last-minute invitation. It looks more formal and informal and depends on the clothes and accessories you choose. You can carry it with a jacket or combine it with a blazer and heels to achieve a formal business look.

Classic Trousers: They must be of neutral colors like black, navy or gray and can be combined with other garments. Always choose a straight cut.
Finally, we suggest having as basic accessories in your wardrobe. You should not miss a pair of shoes or pumps closed in black and beige heels. The latter will make your legs look longer to take them without socks. A structured, leather and the same black and beige, bag are also a must accessory.

Combine Prints:
One of the myths of fashion is that you should not combine different patterns in the same look. Definitely, if you can, you just have to know how to do it.
It is best to combine patterns of light or pastel colors so that the result is more discreet.

We suggest combining prints to keep a thematic relationship, such as floral prints, which does not mean we cannot combine polka dots with flowers or stripes. However it is important to note that the animal prints are visually very striking, so do not be combined with other similar stampings.

Skin Tone:
Consider your skin tone when dressing. If you're tan, then opt for earth tones like coral, yellow, lime green, brown and gold. If your skin tone is pale, white or swarthy with some pink (cold skin tone) opt for bright colors like fuchsia, red, turquoise and silver tones. When you use these colors near the face, your features stand out more, the color of your lips and eyes look more intense, and even your hair can shine more brightly.

Know Your Body:

You must identify what are those areas of your body that you like and prefer to highlight and what are those you want to hide. If you have a round hourglass body, column, triangle, inverted or triangle, the key is to find your body look and create a harmonious balance. 

Last but not least important, always be yourself, you have to feel comfortable with your personal style, this will make reflects security and confidence.


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