How to Dress According to Your Body Type

Posted on 22 April 2016

Correctly dressing and styling does not have to be complicated. Mostly, you make a common mistake when the dressing is the adoption of any style that is fashionable, regardless of the type of your body. Definitely, the most important thing when choosing sexy boutique dresses is to consider whether or not these are appropriate for your figure. Hence, by learning to correctly choose your dresses, you not only highlight those areas of your body that you like but you are also able to hide those areas which you do not want to highlight.    


You have to know your body type before you buy a party gown or a black sexy dress to look picture perfect. We classify body types as follows:

Standard, A, H, O, V, and X. Your body type corresponds to any of these categories or can even gather characteristics of two of them.

Standard Shape:
The easiest type of body. When a woman with this kind of body put on some extra weight, this increase is noticeable evenly throughout the body. Because of the balanced proportions of the body, any costume you choose will definitely look good.

Wearing a body in the form of A:

You should avoid all tops, spaghetti straps and strapless because by using this kind of blouses you call more attention to your shoulders and if the idea is to give proportion to your body, then tops and strapless blouses are not the best choices. You should avoid snaps or details that will rise more volume to your blouse on top especially on the part of the shoulders, as epaulets, ribbons, ruffles, fringe etc.


If your hips are wider than your shoulders, then try to balance your figure with flashy clothes on top, preferably light-colored and dark colors on the bottom. Pants and skinny jeans are ideal for this figure. While concealing the disproportion with respect to the top gives a slimmer and slender appearance. Opt for shoes in the same color as the trousers or jeans to give the impression of longer legs. You can also try women’s black jumpsuits for an appealing look.

H-Shaped Body Type:
In this body type shoulders, bust and hips have a similar extent and have no defined curve waist. When looking for blouses and tops try to opt for flyers and similar details as these give a larger body appearance. Always prefer tops with ties and flyers to give volume to the bust.

Similarly, jeans or boot cut pants can instantly create a curved appearance. To enhance this look, opt for those with pockets on the back. Look for a one-piece dress with skirt and fitted body. These dresses can transform H shape into an hourglass shape. Moreover, there are many affordable sexy dresses in the market for H-shaped bodies.

X-Shaped Body Type:
An X-shaped body is also called an "hourglass" body shape. In this type, shoulders and hips have the same length while the waist is comparatively thin. So when you are choosing dresses, prefer clothes that fit the curves rather hiding them.

Pencil skirts or tube is another good option for X-shaped body. Skirts and tubes are traditional affordable sexy dresses at the same time. The skirt should not be too wide but not too tight. It is the best choice to highlight the figure without adding unnecessary bulk. You can also try baggy pants to balance the curves.

O Shaped Body Type:
In this type of body, the middle zone is wider than the hips, bust or shoulders. The key is to mask the middle. Here are some useful points:

· Opt for large blouses that draw attention to the bust.
· Get jeans and pants that bring a large waistband to hold the middle.

How to dress if you have V-shaped body:
If your shoulders and bust are more prominent than your hips then it is essential to give volume to the lower body. The tulip bubble dresses and skirts are ideal for V-shaped body to highlight shoulders. Opt for light colors and dark in the lower part on top to create a more noticeable appearance in the first.

Apply these simple tips to look sophisticated and fashionable regardless of the figure you have.

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