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 Welcome to SexyChic Boutique™.

 The art of fashion is an expression of one’s true self and not a reflection of everyone’s expectation of what should be expressed.It is a platform that can elevate and accentuate oneself with the ability to uniquely express yourself through the artwork of others. If you are a little creative or have a simple thought, you too can create your own style or trend with the beauty of clothing and accessories


I’ve always loved fashion, ever since I was a little girl. My mom was a seamstress, so I grew up around fashion. My childhood dream was to be a fashion designer. I loved the creative process, and even though my creations were mere stick figures. I can remember fighting over fabric scraps to create my own design for  my dolls. Over the years, I have tried different avenues to developed my craft.To date, I have owned a business designing personalize and decorative pillows for special occasions. While very profitable it's not where my passion lies. This boutique is my way of displaying my passion for fashion by providing clothing that will make you feel sexy and confident without revealing too much.  A vision of class and elegance to represent the style and fashion that lies within. -K.W
 "Elegance is refusal,"-Coco Chanel


A woman is Sexy in the manner of which she carries herself and the impression that she leaves on the opposite sex.  She is confident and comfortable in her own skin and knows that sexy is a state of mind and not about the clothes that she wears.

Chic- fashionable state of causal elegance.
SexyChic Boutique™, an essence of class, elegance, and sophistication, will be catering to the grown and sexy by offering stylish and fashionable dresses. Our sexy deluxe bandage dresses will illuminate and accentuates your body to give a perfect shape while our evening and casual wear show a more classy and sophisticated appeal. Along with our dresses, we will be carrying an array of accessories. From handbags, statement piece jewelry to fashionable watches; which will add the finishing touches to your ensemble. We are passionate about fashion and we want you to step out looking and feeling "SexyChic Fabulous". Our boutique items are exclusive and limited, therefore, we rarely restock items.

    Our lifestyle segment is all about beauty, fitness home decor and your spirituality. We don't want to just provide you with fabulous clothing. A SexyChic women is an all around women.  One who cares about her outside appearance as well as her inside and who love to be surrounded with beautiful and inspirational things.

Thank you for visiting and shopping at SexyChic Boutique™. Stay SexyChic Fabulous!

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